Helping our Colleagues during the Covid-19 emergency.

18th March 2020

Help during the Covid-19 emergency

The Excellerate team hopes you and your family/ friends are well during this difficult time. Please find below answers to some of the questions you may have.


Can I use my holidays?

Yes, any remaining holiday entitlement can be used up. Please contact your line manager and follow the normal process.

Extra work if my regular site is closed?

If you are willing to redeploy to another Excellerate location, please let your AGM/BUD know.

How much is statutory sick pay?

It is set at £94.25 a week

To get SSP people need to be earning at least £118 a week.

Normally, you would be eligible after four days of being ill. However, the government has responded to the spread of Coronavirus by saying that companies will temporarily pay Statutory Sick Pay from the first day off.

You must Self certify

Please ensure that you regularly refer to the Gov guidance links

Please ensure that you stay in contact and communicate with your line manager.

Thanks for your support at this challenging time.

Stay safe!

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